Warrior is the most powerful class as Assasin inKnight Online , it is fun for you to play but not easy to building .A Warrior is someone that takes or deals damage to others , so it's very important for you to learn the knowledge of him .



Builds will be simple to understand, but as a warrior it is recomended to have more defence. Their are ways a warrior build his stats.

The most common build would be:

Hp:Rest To Hp

It will require a warrior to reach lvl 59 to have 228 str and 90 hp.

Wan't to know how much goes on str or hp at what level? Simple Here is a simple to use database Here.

Skill build is something to also worry about.
Most people add 5 on to passion but in my opinion it's really a waste of points, when you can ask for one.
You can add 5 on to passion but its not really recomended.

Max out your attack to max at all time, and all the defence. If you are 60+ things will change from here. Keep attack maxed and stop adding to defence and add them to masters.

Need to know how much goes on which stats? Fear No More Click Here.


Skill Bar Set-Up


Skills are important to warriors. Why you ask? How can you attack xD?
Setting up your skill bar depends on how you structure you hands on the keyboard.
You can build you skill bar anyway you like or use the popular Set Up. Most people use this.
To make it easier for you Ill show you a screen shot for you .




Comboing is the most important thing to learn as a warrior. Their are many combos to learn from r3r to swr3r. Comboing will probably the most diffucult thing to new users. Even I had trouble learning it. Learning to combo will be simple. Here is an easy way to learn how to combo.

What I am about to post will make things easier. It was posted here on UsKo media section can't remember who it was but give him Thanks whoever it was.

Youtube Warrior Combo
Note: Requires Sounds




Many Weapons To choose from? Well, it's true their are many weapons and what is right for you?
Ill break it down to Two Points. Expensive and Cheap.

Two Handed
Giga 2h+8 (L)
Iron Impact+8
Giga 2h+7 (L)

There has been many Arguement between these weapons and Avedon is far one of the best to have.

One Handed Spear
Spear Of Murky Water +8
Lugias +7
Totomic Spear +8

One Handed (Off Hand)
Hunguk Sword+8
Giga 1h +8
Impact 1h+8

Lugias and Hunguk +8 make perfect match espcially in pk and exp.

Two Handed
Iron Impact+7

One Handed Spear
Totomic Spear+7

Prefer to Get Totomic Spear +7 since it is more common then Harpoon +8.

One Handed (Off Hand)
Giga+7 1h
Deep Scar +7




Warrior depends on armor. I garuntee you that will have a huge Impact on warriors. Espically higher lvl warrior.

Depend on how you built your warrior.

A 60+ warrior will rely on Shell+7 or Chitin +8. (I am not mentioning +8 shell since majority of you wont be able to afford.)

A 59- warrior can wear Chitin +7, Chitin +8 or Fp+8 or +9.




Accessories are a must have for all classes espically warriors.
Accessories can be broken into two parts.
Unique Quest


Unique are accessories but surpasses them with multistats.
You ask which is right for you?
For Pendent: Iron Necklace/Warrior Pendant/Lupus Pendant
For Belt: Iron Belt/Skeleton/Glass Belts/Kekuri Belt (Most Unique Belts are expensive)
For Earings: Warrior Earing/Platnum Earing/Minotaur Earing/Opal Earing
For Rings: Ring Of Courage/Hero's Valor


Use All quest accessories you get untill you can get something to replace them with.





Potting? You mean hp pots and Mana pots? Yes, that's right. As a warrior you will notice you will be draining alot of Soul pots. Trust me everyone hates it. Potting can be a real pain and you will completly forget to pot...

Take your whole mana subtract by 1920.
HuH? You ask? Simple.
x=How much mana will i need to pot
M=My Mana
P=What pot I am using

Plug them into this Formula.


2400=1920+x (subtract 1920)

X=480 (Answer)

When your mana reaches 480 that is when you want to press soul pot.
Here is another Problem. Hp potting and Mana at same time what to choose?

Here is what F9Devil wrote and will make it easier for you to understand.

Learning to pot properly is more important than comboing can ever be, all though they do coincide. It's all about timing and personal judgement depending on your opponent. Just remember that 0 mana is death in a 1v1, make sure you time it correctly. Often in an open CZ fight I instantly soul pot after 1 attack, no matter what my mana is this allows me to hp pot more later on and will keep my mana at full. The main point is to soulpot at the least crucial times and allow yourself to have always have the HP pot choice at all times.


Great Ko Players to Watch


Here are example of great warriors that play Ko.

oONeptuneOo Of Olympia

4K1ssOfL1fe of Ronark

F9Devil Of Ares


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Thank you for your attention !


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